Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Unicorn Shrine (Buttermilk)

The Unicorn Shrine is on Buttermilk.  It came into existence in March of 2016.  It was created by Serene-Marie Washburn, and she had this to say about it:  "Have you seen the unicorn tree?  While admiring the beauty of our surroundings, I noticed a unicorn tree.  Then it became an obsession to honor this misshapen tree.  I couldn't head toward the roundabout or past the high school athletic field without it staring back at me.  So, after the holidays, I went to Carl's, let them know my idea, bought all of the discounted unicorn tree ornaments, and made an mission to place one or two each time I went out.  The next time I went into Carl's, they had rubber unicorn hand puppets.  Ahh, they know me; I had to get one...or two.  So it grows...Bare on top creating a horn, leaning to the left like a natural horse neck, and missing branches throughout, it lives between pole 9 and 10 to the right of the Tiehack lift. May you see it, up close or at a distance, and smile (smile emoticon) spread the JOY."  Photo credit for all 5 photos shown below:  Serene-Marie Washburn.  (Click on images to enlarge.)