Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Kiera Elizabeth Tongish Shrine (Snowmass)

Kiera Elizabeth Tongish was killed on December 2, 2010, when she hit a tree while skiing on the Grey Wolf run, in the Elk Camp area of Snowmass.  The accident happened at approximately 1:45 PM.  She was an accomplished skier and was wearing a helmet.  She was born on December 14, 1987.  She had been employed by the Aspen Skiing Company, the Wienerstube restaurant, and the Viceroy Hotel.  A shrine dedicated to her memory was established on December 6, 2010 at the place where she hit the tree.  It consisted of a wooden cross made of tree limbs, some of her clothing including her shoes and a green top (that said "Team Buttermilk 2008-2009" on it), some beads, and some brass medals.  Her remains were cremated and were spread on the slope where she died.  Also in the shrine was a dress she wore in a photo that appeared in the newspaper.  Sometime around March 24, 2011, all of the items that were in this shrine were removed by someone.  Soon thereafter, a number of the items that had been in the Snowmass shrine appeared in this shrine on Buttermilk:  The "Kiera's--Dedicated to the Lost Friends of Buttermilk" Shrine).  Here is the link to this Buttermilk Shrine:   
Photos of the Snowmass shrine are below.  It was located on the Grey Wolf run at Snowmass. 
See these seven newspaper articles for more information:, (Kiera Elizabeth Tongish Obituary), ("Skico employee killed while skiing off-duty at Snowmass") ("Aspen Skico employee 'lived life fully, didn't hold back'"), ("Tributes to 'fearless' graduate killed after she skied into a tree at U.S. resort"), (Letter to the editor from Kiera's family, "Thank you to a unique community")


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