Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Gnarnia Shack (Snowmass)

This was a well-constructed shack made of wood timbers.  It no longer exists; it was taken out in October of 2015. Inside were cushions to sit on (lift tower pads).  The term Gnarnia is derived from the root words gnar & Narnia. Gnar being that of freshly laden snow, typically in the form of soft powder which is ideal for skiing, and Narnia being a mythical land from the mind of C.S. Lewis' novel, The Chronicles of Narnia. The combination of words creates "Gnarnia," a sought after, magical place in which the landscape is so perfect for shredding that it is nearly surreal.  (Some people referred to this shack as the "Raspberry Shack" and others as the "Coffee Pot Shack.")

The first 16 photos below are of this shack.  (The last 3 photos below are of two additional shacks that are in the area.)  

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