Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Caleb Memorial (Snowmass)

Caleb was a Snowmass Ski Patrol dog who started working in 2004, and his memorial is on Snowmass, near the BZ Hut.  When Brandon Zukoff died in an avalanche on February 22, 2011, it was Caleb who found his body.  See  Caleb's owner/handler was Susan "Mouse" Carollo.  For a video that shows Caleb, see this:   The author's photo of this memorial was the subject of the Snowmass Sun "Last Shot" in the January 30, 2019 paper; see last photo below.

Many thanks to Vega Brhely for telling the author about this memorial!

See this page on this web site for the Brandon Zukoff Shrine/BZ Hut:

Photos of the Caleb memorial (taken in January of 2019) are below.  Click on images to enlarge.