Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Breast Cancer Awareness Shrine (Snowmass)

The Breast Cancer Awareness Shrine is on Snowmass.  See photos of this Shrine below (click on images to enlarge); these photos were taken on March 5, March 10, and March 21, 2018.  Almost everything in this Shrine is pink (for breast cancer awareness), including some bras and some Barbie Dolls. Two items in this Shrine pertain to two local women who died of breast cancer:  Gunilla Asher and Dorian Emery. This Shrine is located in the same location as the Max Shrine was before it was removed in March or April of 2017; see this page for the Max Shrine:  (Also there is a separate Shrine dedicated to Dorian Emery on Snowmass; see this page for it on this web site: )



See this article about this Shrine (Mighty Fine Shrine Find--New ‘unique’ shrine pops up at odd site at Snowmass Ski Area) by Erica Robbie which was on the front page of the Snowmass Sun newspaper (April 18-24, 2018):


Here are photos of the Shrine;

click on images to enlarge.


There is a copy of the "G a Bear" in the Shrine (artwork created by Gunilla Asher's sister, Linda Israel).  See 3 photos below (click to enlarge).  The Aspen Times established the Gunilla Israel Asher Scholarship to provide college scholarships for Aspen High School students.  For more information about it, see this page:


The two photos in this section were taken in January 2019.  Click on images to enlarge.