Sanctuaries in the Snow

Fort Frog (New) (Buttermilk)


This is the page for the Fort Frog that was built on Buttermilk in the summer of 2018 (called "Fort Frog New" on this site) and replaced the prior Fort Frog that burned to the ground in May of 2016 (called "Fort Frog Old" on this site).  There is a separate page on this site for Fort Frog (Old) and this is it:  Refer to that page for the history of Fort Frog; it is not repeated on this page.
See this Aspen Times article about the new Fort Frog opening in December of 2018: 
See this November 20, 2018 Aspen Sojourner article:  "Fort Frog Returns to Buttermilk" 
See the photo of "Bergie's Bridge" below; that is named after Jerry Berg, who was one of the designers and builders of the first Fort Frog.
Photos of Fort Frog (New) are below.  They were taken by the author in February of 2019.  Click on images to enlarge.