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The Susanne Wohnberger ("Soft Core Porn") Shrine (Aspen Mountain)

The Susanne Wohnberger Shrine is on Aspen Mountain.  It appears that she is a model.  This shrine was dubbed "The Soft Core Porn Shrine" in an article, written by Curtis Wackerle, in the Aspen Daily News on March 2, 2013.  The article can be found below and at this link:  Following the publication of this article, the author of this web site made contact with Susanne, and in response to questions put to her about the shrine, she had this to say, via e-mail: "I do not know about that shrine but I feel honored. If it is a bother I suggest taking it down. No thrill to me. Best. Susanne." 

Photos of the shrine are below.

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Here is the Aspen Daily News article by Curtis Wackerle:  

ZG: What is going on?
Aspen Daily News Staff Report, Saturday, March 2, 2013

Now on Aspen Mountain — the soft-core porn shrine?

Z.G. was shocked to learn this week that a shrine has been, um, erected on Ajax featuring pictures of a scantily clad model by the name of Susanne Wohnberger. Shrine hunters can find pictures of her plastered to the trees in the woods near the Blonde’s run on Ajax.

Z.G. has no idea who this model is (however she may contact Z.G. at any time — 925-2220, he'll get the message), what her connection to Aspen may be, or how the shrine got there. But it is well established shrine etiquette that the sanctuaries in the snow are reserved for those who have passed away — be they locals who went before their time or celebrities. (Wait, how did Jimmy Buffet get around this?) Wohnberger, as far as we can tell due to her active Twitter feed, is among the living.

Local shrine expert David Wood brought this to Z.G.’s attention on the interweb this week, calling the shrine “very poor form” and sparking a barrage of comments calling for the pictures to be removed. If many of the items at the Jimi Hendrix shrine in The Dumps were cleared away last year, how is it that Wohnberger ranks higher than him?


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