The Burlingame/Witches Cabin (Snowmass)

On the trail map this cabin is labeled as the "Burlingame Cabin," but the sign on the slope calls it the "Witches Cabin."  During the day ravens are known to congregate in this area.  According to the local lore, these ravens become witches at night. 

See this November 16, 2015 Aspen Daily News article about the cabin by Madeline Osberger:  This article contains this quote:  "The Burlingame Cabin was moved to its current site in 1985.  Prior to that it was used for years by ski school groups for picnics and by other adventurous spirits as a launching pad for daredevil ski jumps.  Two Snowmass Village councilman last week recalled jumping over the cabin in their earlier days.  “Pretty scary,” said Tom Goode.  Bill Madsen agreed."

The cabin is located near the Lunchline run on Snowmass.  Photos of it are below.  The first four photos were taken in the winter; the rest in the summer.  If you have any information about this item that you would like to share for use on this site, please send to the author at


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The on-slope sign says "Witches Cabin." ::
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