The Rusty Knife (Snowmass)


The "Rusty Knife" (also known as the "Sword in the Tree") is on Snowmass.  It appears to be a Western knife with a double tang handle (circa 1950's).  It is said that it has been in this tree (see photos below) for some 30 years or more.  Does anyone know who put it there and when and why?  If anyone has any information they would like to share, it would be very much appreciated; send to  Many thanks to Michael Bone, Billy Fontana, and Joyce Dupree Maxwell for their help with this one.  For more photos, see this Facebook photo album (you do not need to have a Facebook account in order to view the album): 
rusty_knife_Feb_22,_2016_(1).JPG rusty_knife_Feb_22,_2016_(2).JPG
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rusty_knife_Feb_22,_2016_(3).JPG rusty_knife_Feb_22,_2016_(4).JPG
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rusty_knife_Feb_22,_2016_(5).JPG the_rusty_knife_(Bone).jpg
:: Photo credit Michael Bone
A Western knife  
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