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The Kitty Cat Shrine (Snowmass)

The Kitty Cat Shrine on Snowmass consists of photos of several deceased pet cats, including two different cats named Mickey, and cats named Watson, Jordan, Fitzgerald, Imogene, and Mr. Winston (Augusta's cat).  It also contains some cat feather toys and a ski hat with a cat on top.  A sign there reads as follows:

"The Kitty Cat Shrine

This Shrine is for cat lovers and
is dedicated to their deceased felines.
Please feel free to post a photo of your
beloved departed kitty or cat."
Photos of the shrine are below. 
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This shrine is covered in the book, "Sanctuaries in the Snow--The Shrines and Memorials of Aspen/Snowmass."  The book may be purchased on this page on this site:

For more information about this shrine and more photos of it, including when it was mentioned in the Snowmass Sun newspaper, see this Facebook photo album (you do not need a Facebook account to view the album):

See this article by David Wood in the February 22, 2012 issue of the Snowmass Sun newspaper, "Kitty Cats and Dogs have their shrines too."  (This article is set out in full below at the bottom of this page.)

In November 2016 one of the largest newspapers in Mexico, Il Universal, published an article about the Aspen Shrines ("Did you know that Snoopy has an alter in the mountains of Aspen?") that included a photo of the Kitty Cat Shrine.

See this tweet of February 22, 2017 from Jaime Berg of KUSA 9News Denver about the Kitty Cat Shrine:  "Things I learned today:  There is a shrine of cat memes up at Snowmass (picture courtesy: David C. Wood) #9news #heynext"

There is another memorial to a cat on Snowmass:  The Meow Meowie Memorial:  See

For other pet shrines, there are two shrines at Aspen Highlands for dogs.  One is called "The Dog Pound."  See:  The other is called the "K-9 Shrine."  See:  On Snowmass there is the Black Lab Shrine


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The photos in this section were taken in February and March of 2013.

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Below is an article about the Kitty Cat Shrine by David Wood that appeared in the Snowmass Sun newspaper on Feburary 22, 2012.

Kitty Cats and Dogs have their shrines, too

Several of the Aspen and Snowmass shrines and memorials are dedicated to dogs and cats.

There is the “Dog Pound,” located in a double-diamond area out of bounds near Robinson's at Aspen Highlands, dedicated to pet dogs and consisting of a nice structure made of logs and containing many photos of dogs (and for some reason a single photo of a cat). For years the location of the Dog Pound was shown on the Kids Mountain Guide trail map but this season's map doesn't show it.

There is also the “K-9 Shrine” at Aspen Highlands, near Sherwood Forest, which contains many dog related items including a hair brush, a dog food bowl, dog bones, a laminated copy of “A Dogs Prayer,” and several framed photos of dogs.

There is a memorial dedicated to “Cassidy,” a search-and-rescue dog who lived from June 16, 1991 to November 11, 2007. A photo of Cassidy is attached to a tree near the Jerry Garcia Shrine on Aspen Mountain. (“Cassidy” is a Grateful Dead song.) Cassidy and Carla Wheeler were a team.

A fourth dog memorial is the “Ski Patrol Avie Dog Memorial” in the East Bowl Chutes at Snowmass.

For cats, there is the “Meow Meowie” memorial on Snowmass, near the top of the gondola, and dedicated to a single cat who lived from 1993 to 2010, and described in this memorial as “A True ‘Beaut'—May your thoughts and prayers here be heard. May your life be blessed with the fullness of love. May you find truth and beauty in the world around you. The Meow.”

And then there is the “Kitty Cat Shrine,” also located on Snowmass, and dedicated to deceased pet cats. This is one of the best pet shrines. A sign there reads as follows:

“The Kitty Cat Shrine

This Shrine is for cat lovers and

is dedicated to their deceased felines.

Please feel free to post a photo of your

beloved departed kitty or cat.”

This shrine consists of photos of several deceased pet cats, including two different cats named Mickey, and cats named Watson, Jordan, Fitzgerald, and Imogene. The shrine also contains a cat ski hat and some cat feather toys.

David Wood ( is the author of the best-selling book about the Aspen shrines, Sanctuaries in the Snow-The Shrines and Memorials of Aspen/Snowmass. He donates all of his profits from book sales to charity, The Trashmasters Scholarship Fund. The book can be purchased in Snowmass Village at Snowmass Sports, the Stew Pot, the store 81615, Sundance Liquor and Gifts, and the Village Market, as well as at various locations in Aspen.