The James Hogue Shack (Aspen Mountain)

The James Hogue Shack used to be on Aspen Mountain, but was removed in September 2016.  It is thought that it had been there for one and a half or two years.  It was well-hidden in the trees above the Shadow Mountain Condominiums, but could be seen from the top of Lift 1A.  For information click the links for articles below.  The two photo shown below were a part of the first and fourth articles (click on images to enarge):



4.  See this March 21, 2017 Aspen Times article, stating that Hogue had been sentenced to state prison terms of 3 and 6 years: (the link also contains 3 photos).

5.  See this May 24, 2017 article by M. John Fayhee, "The End of the Run for Con Artist James Hogue.  From a podium finish in Vail to a plywood shack on Aspen Mountain, the curious conclusion of a gifted athlete-turned-grifter’s romance with Colorado mountain towns." Published in the Summer 2017 issue of Aspen Sojourner.

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