The Donald Trump Shrine (Aspen Mountain)

The Donald Trump Shrine is on Aspen Mountain. It consists of 4 laminated items attached to two trees. The author found it and took the 4 photos below (click on the images to enlarge) on February 16, 2017.  I'm not sure how long it has been here, but it looks relatively new.  See this February 17, 2017 Aspen Times article by Scott Condon (which was on the front page of the paper):   One day later the Vail Daily News picked up the story: 

See this KUSA 9News Denver (NBC) Shrine article, dated February 22, 2017 by Jaime Berg:

On the "NEXT with Kyle Clark" show on February 22, 2017 (KUSA Channel 9 News Denver) there was a 48-second segment as follows:  "A former lawyer with an interest in history has made a little hobby out of finding shrines in the trees at the ski resorts in the Aspen area.  And last week he spotted a shrine that caused a double-take.  David Wood says he typically finds shrines for people who have died--Jerry Garcia, Hunter S. Thompson--but this would be a shrine to President Donald J. Trump, who is obviously still quite living, and obviously this is not someone who you would expect to see getting a lot of love in the Aspen area.  David says the shrines he's found around Aspen are unlike anything he's seen in the Western U.S., and this one was truly unique.  Our article on ( tells you more about this shrine-hunting adventure."
Kyle Clark (NEXT) KUSA Denver Ch. 9.

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