Bike Rack Art (Snowmass)

Bike Rack Art   Art and function came together in five bike racks that were installed in Snowmass Village at the beginning of the 2013-14 ski season. The Snowmass Arts Advisory Board created a contest for designs of artistic bike racks in honor of the USA Pro Challenge‚Äôs first stage, which ran through both Aspen and Snowmass in August 2013. Five proposals by three Colorado artists were selected as winners, and they received $4,000 for each design to build the racks and deliver them to locations throughout Snowmass Village. The contest also was intended to celebrate the increasing popularity of cycling and meet the need for secure bike parking in Snowmass Village. The board received 30 submissions from professional and amateur Colorado artists.  For more information, see this article: "Where Rubber Meets the Art," September 15, 2013, by Jill Bethard:  
One of the bike racks shown here (4 photos below) is called "Mammoth Skeleton," by Vaughn Shafer, of Glenwood Springs, and is located on the snow outside the New Belgium Ranger Station on the Snowmass Mall.  For more photos of the other bike racks, see this Facebook photo album (you do not need to have a Facebook account to view this album): 
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